Best OOTD for Big Size Women

Having a body size that contains it is rather difficult to determine the fashion style that suits you. However, that does not mean there is no fashion that is suitable for filled women or big size.

lthough maybe in fashion shops there is rarely an outfit that fits the size. There is a turn that fits in the heart, unfortunately from the type of material, color or model that is not in accordance with the wishes. You just need to be a little more observant in finding outfits or be more creative in determining the outfits that you want to use for Outfits of the Day.

For this reason, we will present articles on some of the best OOTDs for big size women, complete with prices and reviews. But before that, we will share knowledge about the OOTD style and some outfit look in the style of big size programs.

Must be confident first

Maybe you really want to be like everyone else in dress, free to mix this and that without having to think about size. If you keep thinking about how to be like other people it will be very tiring.

From now on try to think so that you can determine your own style without having to race against other people, which instead makes you feel inferior.

Fashion does determine someone in finding confidence, as well as for women, is no exception for big size.

Tips to deal with big size women’s OOTD style

Use feminine tops. Minimalist feminine tops, especially in the chest can be the center of attention. Coupled with a little decoration like a ribbon. Feminine tops can also make the body look slimmer.

Use a belt. Using a belt is not just a need to tighten the waist. But it can be as decoration to add more chic impression. Belt can be wrapped around the stomach neatly so that the body looks slimmer.

Prioritize dark denim. Dark denim makes thighs and legs look smaller and slimmer. Choose the type of black wash jeans or boyfriend jeans that don’t have too many ornaments.

Use a tulip skirt. You can make a tulip skirt as a subordinate outfit. This fashion item has a closed shape like a tulip with a slight waist height. Wearing this outfit can give the illusion of a calf and hip area looking slimmer.

Follow the trends. Even though it is difficult to find clothes that fit, you also need to keep abreast of the trends that are being hit so as not to be outdated in determining your style. If necessary, you can find a role model on social media. Not a few women who remain confident with his fashion style despite the big size.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the colors and motifs

Colors and patterns are also an important part that must be considered before choosing clothes to use, especially if you have a body that is big enough. You need to know a few tricks in determining this.

Choose an outfit with dark colors if you want to give a slim effect in dressing, because dark colors can disguise body shape.

Clothing motifs that are used can also affect your appearance, for example floral or ball motifs with small volumes can make you look smaller too. Avoid using patterned clothes for all your clothes.

If you use a patterned boss, then try to use subordinates who are innocent. And, if you are wearing a hijab it is also better if you wear a plain hijab.