Dressing Tips for Short Women to Look Stylish

Having a short body sometimes makes a person feel less confident. But you don’t need to worry if you have a less tall posture.

Even though you have a body that tends to be short, that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and fashionable. Following dress tips for short women can help you feel more confident.

Here are dress tips for short women that you need to know in order to have a stylish appearance:

Use Shoes with High Heels

Dress tips for short women, the first thing you should do is don’t hesitate to use shoes with higher heels.
You don’t have to use shoes that are too high, but look for shoes that are comfortable but have a thickness that can increase your height. Avoid using flat shoes for formal occasions.

Buy a Monochrome Shirt

The next dress tip for short women is to be able to use clothes with monochrome colors like black and white.

Dark colors are perfect for those of you who have a short stature. The black color will disguise the fat body so that you will look slimmer and taller.

Avoid Bags or Hand Bags with Large Sizes

The next dress tip for short women is that you have to choose a bag that is not too big, especially for the type of hand bag.

A bag that is too big will make you look even more submerged. Currently there are many choices of quality handbags with designs that are suitable for those of you who have a short body.

Choose Clothes with Vertical Lines

So that the legs look longer then you can use a skirt with vertical lines. In addition, you can also use tops that have vertical stripes.

Avoid wearing clothes with horizontal lines because they make the body look fatter and tend to be shorter.

Clothes in Dark Colors

Clothing with dark colors can also make short women look taller.
You don’t have to worry about dark colors because nowadays there are many clothes that are stylish but have dark colors.

Wear High Waisted Pants

Pants with high waisted models can also be the best choice for those who have a less tall body.
This model will make your legs look longer so you are more confident. Combine these pants with shoes that have high heels to make it even more perfect.