How to choose the right sympathy flowers

Flowers are associated with funeral since the ancient times. In primeval times, flowers were used to anoint the dead and these are still used to embellish the casket and burial. Flowers are the most common and subtle way to express grief and sympathy. In the present day, flowers are sent to provide comfort and to the bereaved and show them that they are in your thoughts. The purpose is to bring positivity and lift the spirit of life for the family of the deceased. You can find a variety of sympathy flowers at Doncaster and can choose the most suitable ones. There are several varieties of sympathy flowers. You should try to find the most suitable, based on the following points.

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  • Respect the wishes of the family

Usually, flowers are the best way to express your emotions for the deceased and the family. But there are times when the family would announce the funeral with the ‘in lieu of flowers’ phrase. This means that the family would like you to donate for a charity or personal cause. You can still choose to take the flowers besides charity. However, if you have any doubts, it is better to respect the wishes of the family.

  • Consider the faith

Religious tradition, faith, and cultural belief often contribute to determining the most suitable sympathy flowers. Some flowers can be well accepted in one religion but may not appropriate for the other religion. Knowing the path of faith of the deceased and the family can help you choose the right flowers and save you from embarrassment.

  • Your relation is also important

Your proximity to the family and the person departed is another important factor to consider before picking the funeral flowers. For instance, immediate family members can send a casket spray or wreath; informal arrangements are good for extended family, close friends or colleagues can send live plant or bouquet in a vase.

  • Try to make to personalized

Choosing unique flowers or bouquet that symbolizes the life of the deceased is a great way to honor his/her life.  This is a subtle way to recognize things or incidences that were closed to the dead. You can send a yellow flower bouquet for a person who used to dress in yellow always. Potted plants are believed to represent continuous life and growth and would be suitable for a gardener or plant lover.

  • Consider what the flowers you choose and its color mean

Although there is no rule to pick the funeral flowers, every flower and the color of the flower is linked to some meaning. For instance, apple blossom depicts better things to come and lilies represent the return of happiness. Pink flowers are for reverence and peace while blue is for comfort and serenity. Pick the flowers which appropriately portray your emotions and relieve the family.

  • Consult the funeral home

Many funeral homes have some restrictions on floral arrangements. Some prefer to avoid glass vases which can tip and break. If you have any doubt, it is better to call the funeral home and ask for any such reservations.

  • Talk to a florist

If you are having a hard time selecting the sympathy flowers, you should visit a local florist for help. You can tell the florist all the details about the deceased and your relationship with his/her. Florist’s advice can be of great help.