How To Tear Out And Replace Bathroom Floor Tiles

You need to tear out old and broken Bathroom floor tiles, replace them with new ones according to the modern bathroom tiles. When you have stains, cracks or breaks on the floor, the space becomes dull. To bring the spaces back to life, you should remove the old ones skillfully. You can replace them with new materials through an easy process.

Removal of old tiles is quite easy. You can use a hammer to smash the tiles. Make sure that the damaged pieces do not harm you. If you want to replace a single damaged tile, and then make sure that you remove that one tile and do not damage the grout surrounding it. This you can do with a chisel and hammer. Make sure you do not damage the nearby tiles or grout. Place the chisel below the tile and give little pressure, to pop them out. After taking them out, place them aside.

Remove the old adhesives from the area where you have removed the tiles. Clean the floor to get rid of all the dust and debris. You have to measure the area and buy the materials accordingly before laying the bathroom floor tiles. You have to start from the center and decide how many tiles fit on the either side. For the edges, you should cut them according to the area left. Mix the thin set mortar according to the instructions given in the label. Apply them with a notched edge of a trowel evenly on all areas. Place them above the mortar in correct place. Make sure that they are straight and then give some pressure to them. This allows them to hold up to the mortar well. Allow them to set for two hours.

Mix the grout in medium consistency, so that it gives a perfect bond. You can use a grout float for spreading the grout. You should apply the grout in a diagonal angle in between the bathroom floor tiles. Make sure that the grout is even in all areas. When you spread them unevenly, you cannot have an even floor. After applying the grout, allow them to set for 10 minutes. Then, remove all residues of grout present on the surface of the tiles. If you allow them to dry, they become very hard to clean. Allow the grout to set for two days, so that they dry and become a strong bonding.

You can follow this procedure to replace your old floor tiles. Replace them with new tiles to bring life back into the room. When you’re replacing a single tile, make sure that the new ones match the others on the floor. You can do this without hiring a professional which saves your money. Install them in creative ways to get a modern look in the space. You can visit this site, they are expert for flooring design.