13 Best Canvas Shoes For Men With Effortless Style 2023

From festivals to pool parties, the best canvas shoes have been the fail-safe footwear choice for many of life’s most joyous occasions. A true summer staple, they’re not only breathable but versatile and pretty damn cool—making them a no-brainer for all of your warm-weather escapades.

But with so many options available, finding the shoe of your dreams can become far more complicated than it should be.

To help such a sartorial conundrum, I’ve handpicked a slew of styles to get you through the sunny seasons and beyond. Keep reading for my selection of the designs every guy should consider.

Key Takeaways

Featuring brands such as Hey Dude (check out my Hey Dude Shoes Review) and Oliver Campbell, I’ll be taking you through an impressive collection of men’s canvas shoes.

From Oliver Cabell Low 1’s to Morjas espadrilles and stylish slip-ons, you’ll find a bunch of must-have styles suitable for every

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The 12 Amazon Wellness Products that Made My Year Better

Last week, I shared a little about how I changed my life this year.

Focusing on my well-being, and taking care of my mental and physical health, was and continues to be a lot of work. But I made significant changes by taking incremental steps and layering in change.

I equated 2022 to burning things down

, so now I have the opportunity to nurture and rebuild.

And I heard from hundreds of readers who want to make similar changes, so I wanted to share some of the products that have been the most helpful.

These are the daily products that help nurture my goals and make it easier to keep going.

12 Amazon Wellness Products that Made My Year Better

Keep in mind, did not buy these all at once. Rather, I accumulated them over the past 12 months.


Quencher Travel Tumbler



The Stanely cup has

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9 Best Halloween Gifts for your Girlfriend

If you want to make a perfect selection of the best Halloween gifts for your girlfriend then keep reading this article, we have carefully handpicked the most suitable Halloween gift ideas for your girlfriend and why we love them.

Halloween comes once annually and it is a very memorable time for Americans no one forgets this holiday definitely not us, and this is the reason we are compiling this post to bring to you the best Halloween gifts for your girlfriend, we also wrote about the best movies to watch on Halloween day.

This is the reason we have curated the frequently bought gifts during Halloween for female friends as regards this upcoming Halloween holiday on Monday of October 31st.

Finally, you will be able to send your girlfriend that gift and she will really feel happy that you did think of her on this holiday, sending gifts to your … Read more