The Business of Being a Nanny

The following article will be a quick tips and tricks on the business of being a nanny. This world is built upon social media and it is not difficult to find child care. However, it is difficult to find good child care. Being a nanny means being a permanent fixture in a family’s life. You are a teacher of early childhood development. You are an alternative mother when a mom cannot be there. You are the primary thing standing as a safeguard for your clients children. It is important to never forget that while the parents are in charge, you are directly responsible for the care of their children.

It is important to remember that while the parents are interviewing you should likewise be interviewing them. You need to make sure that your clients are trustworthy and that there are no signs of abuse within the household. The interview is the time to be vigilant and ask questions of your own. You should already have a background check at your disposal in your portfolio with a completed resume equipped with as many positive references as possible. Likewise you should be in the position to offer them the opportunity to purchase a background check at their own discretion. There are third party applications online which will allow you to fill in the information necessary for the background check without forcing you to divulge your private personal info to your clients. It will then give both you and the clients access to it. This is mutually beneficial since it will give you an updated background check while allowing the clients to have one as well.

After you’ve accepted the job it’s important to have a few of your own supplies. This is not only in case of emergencies but items which you have tried, tested, and know work for your style of Nannying. For instance if you are an infant’s nanny and you are used to using a particular blanket for swaddling a baby, then be sure to have it with you. Also, it is important to get approval of all materials with your clients prior to implementing them into your routine. You would never introduce a pacifier into the equation if the clients have decided that they do not want to use them. If you must spend money out of pocket be sure to save all of your receipts so that you can submit them to your clients. Remember that if they dispute the cost you can give them your reasoning behind your submission but they have the final say in whether or not you receive reimbursement. Keep a record of things commonly disputed and avoid them in the future.

Lastly realize what you’re worth before accepting a job. Take into account the common bills incurred by people on a monthly basis, and consider the argument what is more important than your clients children. There should be nothing in their life they consider above them. Therefore they should be willing to spend top dollar for a top tier nanny.