What To Wear Most Days

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It changes for me.

I go through moods, crushes, fads – whatever we like to call them – but most of the time they flow full circle.

This season it will definitely be a chunky boot and as much as I like the idea of dresses every day that is probably not only impractical but also a bit of a fantasy. It doesn’t mean I don’t love the more feminine with the masculine combat/Chelsea style boots – I do – but we need a manageable alternative.

So back I run and where?

The turtleneck, the jeans, or tailored pants but this time a slightly wider and shorter version. Skinnies are gone so for me it will be a straight leg and on the ankle or a little above. Yes, it is a little “fashiony” to wear such a heavy style of footwear but I like it and there are versions and versions.

These are my favourites right now but we looked at loads of others HERE.

Here Is One Of The Answers

anne klein turtleneck  ||  faherty rib turtleneck  ||  raey roll neck cashmere sweater

favorite daughter pants  ||  zella pants  ||  jill sander ankle pants  ||  raey wide leg wool pants

and with these. xv

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image ganni x levis collaboration