What You Should Wear or Not During an Official Business Trip: How to Choose the Right Jewelry for The Right Occasion

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Jewelry is a vital part of fashion for the purpose of beauty which defines your look and adds more meaning to your style. Jewelry comes in different shapes, sizes, materials and patterns. Some jewelries are more appropriate at certain occasions with the outfit to match with, while some aren’t, as they may be more sophisticated than the others. For example, it would be inappropriate to be decked in noisy jewelry in a simple outfit or when meeting out with a friend for an evening walk.Of course jewelry is worn as decoration and they are mostly made with precious stones and certain metals which are highly valuable.

Owning a vast jewelry collection might make you confused on which jewelry to wear sometimes, especially when you are going on a business trip or meeting with an important client. You might ask yourself, should I put on what catches my fancy and suit my mood or should I try to impress with expensive but smaller jewels? Read on to find answers to these questions.

Types of Jewelry

Jewelry comes in different styles, shapes and patterns. Some of these are the earrings, bracelets, necklaces, toe ring, finger ring, brooches, anklets, hair pins, cufflinks, clips; which is a clothing accessory usually used by men to clip tie to the shirt front, thereby preventing it from swinging and allowing it stand vertical. All these styles of jewelries enhance how you look in special ways.

Jewelry Etiquette for Business Trips

Jewelries are beautiful, and they complement our outfit. However, there is the need to be cautious of the matching outfit and the environment where each piece of jewelry might be welcomed.

First, avoid putting on noisy bracelets at formal events. The office is a place to carry out official assignments which will require your quality attention and time with little or no disturbances. The use of noisy bracelets or earrings, becomes a nuisance to others as you move around in the office.

Do not wear large or costume jewelry. Your earrings should be small, conventional and above the earlobe. Necklace should not dangle between your cleavage and this is not the time to wear ankle bracelets, toe rings, or even nose rings. A good conservative wristwatch is fine.

At formal events, accessories should not be about the prices, but the ability of the wearer to show beauty in simplicity and finesse that a business environment requires.

Wear only relevant jewelry to the workplace. Yes, you have a collection of rings and you might be comfortable with putting on about three on a hand, however, it is best to use either a wedding ring or one ring.

Pay attention to the kind of jewelry you put on when attending formal events and add more of these to your collection especially if you attend formal events a lot. This will help you each time you are choosing the right jewelry accessory for the next business trip.