13 Best Canvas Shoes For Men With Effortless Style 2023

From festivals to pool parties, the best canvas shoes have been the fail-safe footwear choice for many of life’s most joyous occasions. A true summer staple, they’re not only breathable but versatile and pretty damn cool—making them a no-brainer for all of your warm-weather escapades.

But with so many options available, finding the shoe of your dreams can become far more complicated than it should be.

To help such a sartorial conundrum, I’ve handpicked a slew of styles to get you through the sunny seasons and beyond. Keep reading for my selection of the designs every guy should consider.

Key Takeaways

Featuring brands such as Hey Dude (check out my Hey Dude Shoes Review) and Oliver Campbell, I’ll be taking you through an impressive collection of men’s canvas shoes.

From Oliver Cabell Low 1’s to Morjas espadrilles and stylish slip-ons, you’ll find a bunch of must-have styles suitable for every type of occasion. I’ll also be letting you know what makes the best canvas shoes and how long the average pair should last.

men sitting on a bench outside smiling wearing canvas shoes
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Vans Era Shoes

Sizes Available: 6.5-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 8 | Style: Sneaker

Whether you’re spending your summers in the French Riviera or dancing away on a muddy field, chances are you’ll be wearing some canvas shoes. More specifically, Vans. With their sturdy canvas uppers and durable waffle rubber soles, the brand has been creating faultless footwear since your parents were in diapers.

A must-have in every guy’s sneaker collection, the Vans Era is about as classic as they come. It was first brought to life in 1976 and made popular by the Z-Boys—a group of legendary skateboarders from Santa Monica and Venice, California. Timeless and effortlessly stylish, you can wear them with a long-sleeved tee and khakis or dress them up with slim jeans and a button-down shirt.

Aurélien Playtime Sneakers

Sizes Available: 7-12 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 1 | Style: Sneakers

Men’s canvas shoes tend to tip a little more towards casual on the scale of formality. However, there are still plenty of styles that sit firmly in the middle. These types of footwear can be worn with everything, from slacks to sweatpants and shorts.

With a blue suede paneling paired with a dependable canvas upper, Aurélien’s Playtime sneakers are the perfect case in point. Not restricted to any single ensemble, they’re smart enough to be worn with a suit but look equally great with jeans and a tee.

Oliver Campbell Low 1 New York

Sizes Available: 5-15 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 1 | Style: Sneakers

Now don’t get me wrong, I dig some fresh white kicks as much as the next guy. But when it comes to a do-it-all shoe that I’m not petrified of getting dirty, black can’t be beat. Low-maintenance with maximum impact, black canvas shoes can become a key player in your week-to-weekend wardrobe.

The Low 1 New York from Oliver Campbell is an excellent choice. Using 3oz full-grain leather and organic cotton canvas, the sneaker boasts a distressed style (that’s right, the soles aren’t actually dirty) that will look great with everything from ripped denim to dark khakis and cargo pants.

Morjas The Espadrille Canvas Shoes

Sizes Available: 2.5-12.5 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 3 | Style: Espadrilles

No successful shoe collection is complete without some espadrilles. An essential for the sunny seasons, the easygoing style can be paired with a whole host of summer staples—from tailored slacks to khakis and shorts.

This pair from Morjas ticks all the right boxes. Crafted by hand in Spain, they’re made from organic canvas and feature a natural jute sole that’s slightly higher than your average (making them appear a little dressier than anything you may have seen in the past). Not only suitable for the beach, they’ll make a stylish companion for alfresco dining too.

Converse Jack Purcell

Sizes Available: 3-16 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 3 | Style: Sneaker

There’s a reason white sneakers are so popular. Easy to style, versatile, and always reliable, they’re a key wardrobe staple that can be worn all day and look great with just about anything. For the warm-weather months, there’s no better choice than canvas.

The Jack Purcell is Converse’s iconic silhouette, made with a canvas upper and rubber sole with herringbone details. Originally designed and worn by badminton world champ Jack Purcell, they’ve been on the feet of stylish men since 1935. You can use them to smarten up some sweatpants or team them with your go-to jeans and a graphic tee.

Hey Dude Wally Shoe

Sizes Available: 6-15 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 70+ | Style: Slip-On

One of the best things about men’s canvas shoes is the comfort, and not many come close to the cushion-like feel of a pair from Hey Dude. Born in the noughties with a mission to provide comfortable, lightweight, and durable footwear, the brand is now a frontrunner in the world of stylish slip-ons. They’re one of the many types of shoes that every guy needs to own.

The Wally is one of the label’s most popular styles. Ideal for everyday errands and weekend adventures alike, it’s available in over 70 different styles—so there should be no problem finding one you like. Wear them with cargo shorts, jeans, and khakis for a smart-casual look that feels as good as it looks.

Sperry Bahama Boat Shoes

Sizes Available: 7-16 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 11 | Style: Boat Shoe

When it comes to nautical-themed style, the trusty boat shoe is the key piece that pulls everything together. But if it wasn’t for Paul A. Sperry (who created the style after seeing how his dog’s paws were gripping on the ice), we’d never have got to enjoy the summer essential we all now love.

Almost a century later, and the innovator’s timeless footwear is still the shoe of choice for city breaks, garden parties, and everything in between. The Bahama II is the perfect option when you need a little comfort but don’t want to be too casual. It looks just as good with tailored shorts as it does with khakis or jeans.

Mulo Loafers Canvas Shoes

Sizes Available: 7-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 1 | Style: Loafers

The best canvas shoes are not only breathable and lightweight, but they do a pretty great job at covering up gnarly toe situations in the summer—something even the finest flip-flops can never manage.

If you’re looking for something that’s casual but smart enough for beach bars and afternoon lunches, Mulo’s loafers are just the ticket. Set on natural rubber soles that are surprisingly durable, they’re finished with elasticated sides and cushioned footbeds that allow for better arch support and all-day comfort.

Converse Chuck 70

Sizes Available: 6-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 2 | Style: Sneakers

A guide that includes the best canvas sneakers couldn’t be taken seriously if it didn’t feature the world-famous Chuck Taylors. Worn by some of the most stylish men on the planet (Kurt Cobain is one of them), they’re a fine footwear choice that never fails to impress.

The Chuck 70 is just about as cool as they come. Made from durable canvas with comfortable, cushioned footbeds, they’ll be your go-to season after season. Pair them with sweatpants at the weekend or with slim-fitting jeans for something a little more upmarket.

Stepney Workers Club Varden S-Strike Sneakers

Sizes Available: 5-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 3 | Style: High-tops

There’s something about the high-top sneaker that sets it apart from its below-the-ankle counterparts. Sure, you get a little more material for your buck, but it just seems to have the kind of rock ‘n roll appeal that screams: “I’m a cool guy.”

Stepney Workers Club’s canvas high-tops certainly show you’re not messing around. Made with cotton canvas uppers and chunky vulcanized rubber soles, they’re a surefire conversation starter at garden parties, lunches, and nights at the bar. You can wear them with dad jeans and an oversized tee, or roll up some khakis and chuck on a flannel shirt.

Adidas Nizza 2

Sizes Available: 7-12 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 1 | Style: Sneakers

If you need proof that men’s canvas shoes are big news, you only have to look at some of the standout names selling their own styles. Adidas is one of those—and the Nizza 2 sneaker deserves some serious consideration.

Nizza is a line of throwback designs based on old-school basketball shoes from the 1980s. This is the label’s first low-top version. Merging the past with the present, it features a clean canvas and thick sole that is as durable as it is stylish. Pair it with your favorite sweatsuit, or dress it up with jeans and a crew neck tee.

Saint Laurent Distressed Sneakers

Sizes Available: 6-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 2 | Style: Sneakers

The designer sneaker is one of the easiest, more luxurious ways you can tap into the athleisure trend. Which is why every guy should have some in their wardrobe. But how do you tell which ones are worth the money? I find Saint Laurent is always a good place to start.

These low-top canvas sneakers take on the appearance of a slightly worn pair, so you don’t have to worry about the odd scuff or mark. Based on classic tennis shoes of years gone by, they’re made from cotton canvas that’s trimmed with leather and set on durable rubber soles. They’ll help complement just about any type of outfit—from relaxed staples to smart-casual favorites.

Sperry Striper Canvas Shoes

Sizes Available: 5-16 | Fit: Regular | Colors available: 12 | Style: Sneakers

Buying the best canvas shoes doesn’t have to leave you bankrupt. Truth is, there are plenty of options out there that’ll leave you enough spare change to buy lunch. But it’s important not to go too cheap—you don’t want to have to be buying a new pair before you’ve managed to clock up some decent mileage.

Sperry’s Striper II CVO sneakers are not only affordable but stylish and super durable. Available in a bunch of colors (from gray to red and navy), they’re the perfect everyday shoe that goes with shorts, pants, sweats, and more.

Wearing the Salt Washed Striper at the beach
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What To Look For In The Best Canvas Shoes


Men’s canvas shoes are available in a range of styles—from high tops to slip-ons and espadrilles. To determine the pair that’s most suitable for you, it pays to make a note of what it is you want from your new footwear.

Do you want to wear them every day? Will you be wearing them with jeans or slacks? Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can narrow down which styles should be at the top of your list.


Choosing a color is down to personal preference. However, if you’re looking to get maximum wear out of your canvas shoes, it would be sensible to select something neutral that will pair well with many of your clothes. You may like the look of that bright yellow pair, but how are they going to look with your green cargos?


The price of a shoe doesn’t always determine the quality. There are plenty of affordable options that’ll last you just as long as a high-end designer pair. Remember to shop within your budget, but always take a look at the materials and construction to get an idea of what you’re getting for your money.

matching a duffel coat with a pair of converse classic chuck 70
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Final Verdict

With everything now in mind, it’s time to cop the perfect pair of men’s canvas shoes. Are you on a budget? Do you prefer a slip-on style? How about some high tops? These are the questions you need to ask yourself to find your ideal match.

If you’re still unsure what to buy, Vans’ Era sneakers are a great place to start. Stylish, versatile, and durable, they’ll see you through many seasons to come and team well with just about anything.


    • Canvas shoes are more than suitable for short walks and everyday use, but they’re not the best choice for longer hikes or running. Canvas is a breathable material, so you don’t have to worry about excessive sweating—however, it doesn’t offer much cushioning, support, or shock absorption.

      • The lifespan of men’s canvas shoes will vary from person to person. A number of factors will determine how long they last, including where you wear them and for how long. They may need replacing after 12 months or, in some cases, three years. For example, if you’re wearing them on a daily basis, you can expect to need a new pair much sooner than if you were only wearing them at weekends.

        • As the name suggests, canvas shoes for men are crafted from canvas. This is a coarse cloth material that can be made from cotton, linen, or hemp fibers. The best canvas material for shoes is usually a cotton or hemp fabric.