Tips for shopping comfortably with toddlers
Not a few moms are reluctant to take their babies to the supermarket when they imagine the excitement that might occur. The child pulls things off the shelf, runs in the hallway or plays the stroller without caution. Not to mention if the child is not ‘mood’, bored and whining for toys (which is not in the shopping list).

Unfortunately, Ma, even though taking children to the supermarket also has many benefits for him. Various products become an exciting sight for them.

To avoid excitement when shopping, you can try the following ways:

– Come to the subscription supermarket.
Mama has memorized the route that must be taken to get all the items in the shopping list. If you don’t plan to buy toys, you can avoid the area.

– Shopping at the right time.
If the time allocation is limited, you can try shopping at bedtime. Be careful, don’t put heavy groceries on the handle of the stroller, Ma! But if the purpose of shopping at the same time invites children to recreation, find the right time when he is not tired. This can prevent unwanted tantrums.

– Make your toddler busy.
The most effective is playing count. Invite him to count each item you put into the trolley. Or play fruit names and various colors. Mama can also prepare a typical children’s shopping list in the form of lists with pictures, milk boxes, bananas, apples, bread and so on. He will help you remember that nothing is forgotten.

– Just ignore other people’s gazes,
if your child is tantrum. Indeed, this is beyond your plan, but when the child starts crying and screaming all you need to do is calm down and overcome the situation with patience. Don’t feel intimidated by people around you. As far as you do not hurt children or others, there is nothing to fear. If the situation cannot be resolved, move away from the area to a quieter place.

– Give ‘entertainment’ healthy.
When he starts fussing, avoid sweets or sweets. On the contrary, Mama can take her along the fruit, bread or other healthy snacks. Let him choose and put it in the basket. If forced, Mama can open the packaging and pay it at the cashier with other groceries. They will understand,