Outfit for Owners of Large Thighs, Here’s The Recommendation

Having a full body with big thighs doesn’t mean you can’t wear cool outfits. As long as you know the tricks, you can even go with a variety of styles, without having to buy so many styles of clothing.

The key to finding the right outfit for the owner of big thighs is in the model and color of the clothes. Come on, see the dos and don’ts of outfits for big thighs that are right for you.

There are several easy ways to disguise the shape of large thighs, to make them look slimmer. Starting from the selection of models to the color of the outfit. Come on, see the following tips.

1. Dos for owners of large thighs

The important thing to do if you have big thighs is:

Wear wide pants

For pants, wear a wide cut. For example, your collection of culottes. Pants with wide models are usually relatively easy to mix and match with various types of tops. In addition, this kind of outfit with wide pants can disguise body curves.

Look for dark colored subordinates

Another important tip for owners of large thighs is to wear an outfit with dark colored bottoms, for example black. At least, you must have one dark colored bottom.

Try boyfriend jeans

Who says that with big thighs, it’s not suitable to wear jeans? You will actually look cool with a combination of boyfriend jeans outfit. You see, this one jeans have a cut that is not too tight and usually widens at the thigh.

Choose palazzo pants

Apart from boyfriend jeans, there are other choices of pants that are beautiful for those with large thighs, which are outfits that combine wide-leg pants. The cut is wide from top to bottom, able to disguise curves on the thighs.

Cover with a Long Cardigan

Combine the use of hot pants or leggings with a long cardigan. This one fashion item will make your thighs invisible, disguise their size, and make your appearance even cooler.

Select Vertical Line

Vertical striped pants will disguise the size of your large thighs and create the illusion of a slim and slender body like a violin. Choose small vertical lines to make your lower body, especially your thighs, look slimmer and slimmer when wearing this outfit.

Wear High Heels

Giving a high impression, high heels are the mainstay of most women for a vibrant look. Even though they can make your feet ache, cramp, and have prolonged pain, these shoes are still an attractive choice to complement your appearance at parties as well as for work and daily activities.
To disguise large thigh sizes, you can wear an outfit with high heels or boots combined with regular fit jeans or boyfriend jeans that are rolled up at the bottom. This method will give additional volume at the bottom.

2. Donts for owners of big thighs

In addition to beautiful tips on choosing an outfit for owners of large thighs, there are things to avoid. What is a big taboo is wearing a mini skirt outfit and a tight-cut skirt. This type of bottom will actually make your thighs look bigger.