Expedition service getting easier

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Prices are often used as a key element by the community in choosing something, including in choosing a freight service. That is why logistic delivery services companies are still the main choice of the community, so various shipping companies provide a tempting price quote. By selecting a cheap delivery service it will reduce costs to provide the impact of efficiency for service users.

Among the many expedition companies that provide the best service door to door air freight, land &Sea, Rhenus Lupprians is one of the companies that prioritize the quality of service above all else. That’s why the credibility of the company is always awake, and customers who have used the service of Rhenus Lupprians will never turn to other companies in their kind while will deliver the goods again for the next time.

The quality of service is always satisfactory, it does not make the rate imposed by this company is higher than the same services provided by other companies. Shipping costs are charged to customers cheaper, either by land, sea or air. Cheaply the rate is not because it is affected by the rise of price wars, but because of the company’s well-organized management system.

The good management system, has an impact on the company’s work patterns are neatly organized and system, and the impact of the system working pattern is influential on the decline in the price that consumers have to bear. That’s why Rhenus Lupprians can provide the best vending machine delivery service to its customers.

Service Door to Door

Among the many professional and quality services provided by Rhenus Lupprians, one of them is service door to door, both for land, sea and air delivery. The service that takes care of this family element, will pamper the customers because they are practically not going to spend a lot of time, effort and thought because all the delivery process will be handled directly by the company.

The sender simply contacted the company’s customer service by phone or email, here in after Rhenus Lupprians will send a courier or officer to pick up or transport the goods at home or storage warehouse.

Goods that have been taken from the address of the sender, for the type of land transportation will be directly transported by a fleet of trucks consisting of Colt Diesel, Fuso, Tronton Intercooler to the trailer according to the type of goods and services needed, to later Delivered directly to the intended address.

Shipping through the sea lanes, carried out by taking the goods to the sender’s address/warehouse to be subsequently brought to the pier and transported by boat. After arriving at the designated port, the shipment will be carried over by the truck fleet and delivered directly to the destination address.

The almost same way is also done for shipment using air transport means. Items taken from the sender’s address/warehouse are then taken to the airport to be transported by airplane. Arriving at the airport, the Replace truck fleet does its job by transporting goods from the airport to the recipient’s address.

The ease of door to door service is very easy for consumers because it does not burden customers with additional costs and very practical because it does not bother picking up goods.