Kawasaki Z900RS 2019 Prices, Reviews, Specifications & Pictures

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Retro or classic style motorbikes are becoming a trend nowadays. Various manufacturers have released similar motorcycles, and one of them is Kawasaki. The Japanese company released a retro motorcycle called “Kawasaki Z900RS” which was assigned to continue the success of the legendary Kawasaki Z1 motorcycle. Various modern features combined with a classic design that makes the Kawasaki Z900RS can compete against the Honda CB1000RR or Yamaha SCR950.

Sophisticated features make Kawasaki Z900RS at Kawasaki dealers priced very expensive. The price almost reached £ 8,549, so it is classified as motorsport. Comparable to the price, you will get a 4-cylinder engine that is capable of releasing torque and abundant power. Also, Kawasaki completes it with Upside Down features, ABS, and many others. Now to find out all the features of this retro sport motorbike, please refer to the following specifications and prices of Kawasaki Z900RS. You could say Kawasaki Z900RS is a reincarnation of the Kawasaki Z1 which was the legendary motorcycle in the past. Both designs are almost similar and carry the theme “True Spirit”. The combination of traditional and modern styles radiates from the outside of the Kawasaki Z900RS. Moreover, Kawasaki provides a variant of coffee shop Racer that looks very retro and reflects a racing motorbike in the 60s era. The engine he uses is also powerful because it adopts the Kawasaki Z900’s engine.

Dimensions 2,100 x 845 x 1,190 mm
Weight 215 kg
The lowest distance to land 130 mm
Wheelbase 1,470 mm
Gas Tank 17 Liters

Kawasaki 4 Cylinder sports motor specifications are supported by handlebars with a wide and flat design that contributes to the retro-sport style, making it easier to control and provide a sense of comfort when riding it. As for the dimensions, it has an overall length of 2,100 mm, a width of 845 mm, and an overall height of 1,190 mm. Whereas the distance between the front and rear axles reaches 1,470 mm and has the lowest distance to the ground of 130 mm.

Its weight is quite heavy, reaching 215 kg. Naturally, if it happens, because the Z900RS carries a 4-cylinder engine. Also, Kawasaki equips it with a gas tank that can accommodate 17 liters of fuel. The design of the tank reflects a classic motorbike because it is made to the rear which makes it easier for the Z900RS driver to grip the vehicle with the knee. Then on the front-mounted a round headlamp that adds a retro feel to the Z900RS’s outer appearance.

Engine Specifications

Type 4-Cylinder D.O.H.C 16 Valves
Capacity 948 CC
Maximum Power 109 PS / 8,500 rpm
Maximum Torque 95 Nm / 6.500 rpm
Bore × Stroke 73.4 x 56.0 mm
Compression Ratio 10.8: 1
Transmission Type 6-speed, return shift
Combustion System Fuel Injection

There are two variants, namely Kawasaki Z900R type Standard wrapped in orange/brown candy tone color and Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe variant with vintage lime green color. The difference between the two is not just a matter of color, because the Z900RS Cafe has been equipped with a minimalist headlamp fairing that makes it look like a Cafe Racer motorbike. Also, the Z900RS Cafe back seat has a thicker design. Overall both look very classic.

That’s the specifications of the Kawasaki Z900R engine. Unfortunately, the price of the Kawasaki Z900RS is very expensive, so we have to spend more than £ 8,549 to get this retro motorsport. How, are you interested in purchasing it?