Fashion Tips for Plus-Sized Women

There are many names that stores utilize to describe the plus-sized woman. There are two different sections at many stores that help to separate regular from plus-size because there is a difference in how clothes are constructed. Whatever you prefer to go by, there are some differences you should take into account when shopping for your curvy figure to ensure your clothes look good on your body.

Getting your base layer of clothing right is a must in order to ensure the rest of your outfit looks good on your body. Plus-sized women should follow the basics of getting thicker strapped tanks to conceal their thicker bra straps. Opt for non-cotton materials that are stretchy. Avoid the ribbed tanks and other tight-fitting base layers that can show off every last lump. The most important thing when it comes to your base layer is to find clothes that you feel comfortable in.

The next tip we have for you is one that may make you cringe but it’s reality. Different brands tend to run in different sizes. An 18 in Torrid may end up being a 20 in another. Your size is just a number and it will vary from brand to brand. You should opt for being lenient when it comes to trying on clothes. And, you should always try on your clothes before leaving the store. That will ensure that you know you got the right size from the start.

Body shapes are becoming the talk of the town and for good reason. Everyone has their own body shape. There are seven main types that are typically referred to in the fashion world. These include diamond, hourglass, figure eight, rectangle, triangle, oval, and inverted triangle. You should go online and figure out what body shape you are. Once you know what body shape you have, you can research tips for optimizing the way you look. There are tips out there to help you accent the features that you absolutely love about your body. Most importantly, there are tips that can help you to hide those blemish areas you don’t want anyone to see.

The last tip we have for curvaceous women is to opt for the fit and flare dress or shirt style. This will accent your upper body while allowing a free flow out of your lower body. This does a great job of drawing attention to your upper body while retracting attention for your larger, lower body. While other dresses can look good on various body shapes, the fit and flare dress is always the basic that looks good on any body type.

Plus-sized fashion is an industry in itself. Styling tips change as your curvy figure fills out. It’s important that you understand how to shop for your curvy figure. By following the tips that we outlined for you above, you’ll be sure to find clothes that make you look good. Remember that when you look good, you feel good and that’s what matters most.