Sophisticated Ways to Wear T-shirt to Work!


Many of you are fond of stylish t shirts and lament the fact that they are not the best office attire. Well, it’s time to reconsider your views regarding office dressing. T-shirts can be worn to work now by managing some minor planning and tweaking to your favourite category of T-shirts so that it does not look too casual. There are many renowned personalities who are famous for their right mix of smart but casual dress to work. Team it up with a blazer or a black trouser to give your favourite T-shirt a sophisticated touch. You just need to make sure that each individual pieces of your dress complement each other. Browse through the portals of renowned online fashion brands like Bewakoof, Lee, Levis, Allen Solly, and Tommy Hilfiger to check out their latest collection of formal or office T-shirts. Here are a few sophisticated ways to wear T-shirts to work.

  • Leave the Graphic and Focus on Solid Tees

The fashion pundits recommend you to focus on the solid tees to work. They make you look sophisticated and elegant. You should totally avoid the graphic tees, slogan tees or any other funny tees with a funky or quirky statement. The solid T-shirt gives you a bold look and is stylish at the same time. The polo necks are considered more appropriate for office than the round neck ones. Go for the 100{d8f2b0aca19448ff880590c084a6732ed34c3e97f3c01f69fc4b0e6e98494cf7} cotton T-shirts as they are more comfortable for the long duration of work and looks elegant too.

We have seen many renowned personalities who have made the solid T-shirts famous as office attire. Nobody can ignore the office outfit of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the famous social networking site Facebook and Apple founder, Steve Jobs. Both are famous for wearing grey T-shirts to work. They have their valid reason for this. According to Zuckerberg being less fussy about your dress help you to focus your energy on other important business decision. Many corporate houses now have a dress code which is termed as ‘business casual’ and it has made the T-shirts find a way into your work wardrobe.

  • Team the T-shirt with a Blazer

The blazers are considered to provide the much need formal touch to your otherwise casual T-shirt. When you team up your solid T-shirt with a nice, elegant blazer you look much more sophisticated. You can carry this look easily to any client meet or a team lunch outside your office. There are few things to keep in mind before you sport this look. The first important thing which should be considered is both your T-shirt and the blazer should be slim fit. The baggy dress makes you look totally out of place. The second thing is trying to restrict yourself to solid tees in white, black or grey colour. The colour of the office t-shirt should always be subdued. There should not be any logo on the T-shirt and stick to the crew- neck version while teaming it with a blazer.

  • Go for the Roll Neck or High Neck Version of T-shirts

The roll neck version of the T-shirt is considered tremendously versatile. They give you a bold masculine look and at the same time, they are elegant enough to be worn in the office. You can team up this type of T-shirts with a black trouser to give it a formal touch.

So, these are few ways by which you can wear the T-shirts to work.