Platforms & Cashmere – Vicki Archer

I dare not admit this.

I want some platforms.

It’s not my first rodeo in these ankle breakers and heaven help me trying to navigate them 20 years on. I will though. I need a shake-up – too many sweats and hoodies since lockdown and fashion malaise has set in. It’s time I stood taller and tackled a heel.

Except for one thing.

I need to modify the look slightly or I will end up in A & E. I’ll wear a platform but not the 10-inch designer skyscrapers I’m seeing. While I think they are very “of the moment” and will update the older wardrobe pieces I am not sure they are a large investment essential.

Along with these uplifters, I think we need some bright cashmere – think the pinks, the purples and the citrus.

If you have seen the latest Valentino campaign, you get where my head is. Again, just a dab touch, not a heavy hand.

Taller and brighter on a Monday. I’m in. xv

Platforms and Cashmere

walk tall

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as bright as

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image via Valentino