Goop x Lacoste Collection Sportswear Collaboration

Goop Lacoste Collection Collaboration
Goop x Lacoste unveils collaboration of sportswear fashion. Photo: Osma Harvilahti

A sophisticated blend of past and present, the Goop x Lacoste collection celebrates an iconic Gwyneth Paltrow look made famous two decades ago with her role as Margot in the Royal Tenenbaums. The Wes Anderson film is well-known for its quirky and sporty style. 

Goop x Lacoste Collection

The Goop x Lacoste collaboration is inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's role as Margot Tenenbaum.
The Goop x Lacoste collaboration is inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow’s role as Margot Tenenbaum. Photo: Osma Harvilahti

And a striped polo dress worn by the actress inspires the collaboration between her lifestyle brand, Goop, and the French sportswear label, Lacoste. Drawing on classic silhouettes, subtle colors, and timeless elegance, this line offers modern takes on archival pieces – perfect for making a statement whether you’re off to the office or hitting the courts. 

Retro sporty styles are featured in the Goop x Lacoste collection.
Retro sporty styles are featured in the Goop x Lacoste collection. Photo: Osma Harvilahti

For sneakers, the collaboration

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Fashion WebsitesFashion drawing is the drawing of garments on a determine. The figures and magnificence of drawing differ so dramatically between designers so there is no right or wrong approach to draw. Some people put a number of element into their artwork, while others do loose sketches and leave the heads clean. It’s as much as you!

I like The Sims 3 and Gala Stories. I used to play StarDoll (via Facebook) but it surely acquired a bit deterring after a while; although the addition of some clothing items from Winx Club was a pleasant contact. I’m nonetheless with IMVU though have not been on in a while. I’m surprised Fashion Avenue Game hasn’t made the record. Any way good listing. Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. is an interactive company with places of work in Orange County, CA and Washington, D.C. Trinet is an award-profitable agency that focuses on creating cutting edge … Read more

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Last week, I shared a little about how I changed my life this year.

Focusing on my well-being, and taking care of my mental and physical health, was and continues to be a lot of work. But I made significant changes by taking incremental steps and layering in change.

I equated 2022 to burning things down

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Quencher Travel Tumbler



The Stanely cup has

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